Welcome to the Department of Computer Science and its applications in the faculty of Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II for Information Technology. Whether you are a forthcoming or present student, alumnus, faculty member, parent, friend of the university, or a visitor that just occurred upon our page, we hope that you find what you are seeking.
We attempt to be welcoming, sociable and friendly to all those who join the department. Our wish is to establish a community of faculty, staff, and students that consider the Department of Computer Science and its applications an academic home where they can come to study, mix, and involve in their common interest of computing. Also, we try to deliver high-quality courses to a growing number of students of the department, to sufficiently prepare students to meet the challenges of this Digital Age.
We work to confirm that we have sufficient office, laboratory, and necessary infrastructure, including hardware and software, to ensure the full functioning of the academic process.
We hope you are able to easily find the info you want on our website, take a look around and if you want to know more or have enquiries, please contact us.