About the Faculty

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is one of the newest additions to the Hashemite University that was established  in 2013.

Students graduate from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences with a Bachelor degree of Pharmacy. In addition, students have the advantage of choosing elective courses from two specialty tracks: Industrial Pharmacy and Pharmacy Management. The unique curriculum adopted by the college offers the students all needed courses to practice pharmacy and at the same time provide them with extra courses and skills in two needed areas for pharmacist to fill contemporary jobs available in the market in drug industry and pharmacy management.

The Faculty Building that has finished from its construction at the end of 2019, is the largest and newest of its kind in the Middle East, and has a total area of (21,860) square meters. It is designed according to the world's best architectural specification. The building consists of four floors that include classrooms in interactive modern multi-use capacity, sophisticated labs, pharmaceutical library, interactive theatre, and other educational.