Welcome to The Faculty of Engineering

In response to the needs and requirements of the market-place in Jordan and the region, the faculty of engineering was established in August 1998, and the first batch of engineers was graduated in June 2003. Integral to this need is the building of an infrastructure and facilities that can support professional engineering education and research in important areas of specified applied sciences and technologies in eight different majors in order to qualify the engineers based on high quality and professional standards.
Through teaching, the faculty provides students with an effective and high-quality education at the undergraduate level in eight different departments and encourages an environment that stimulates the learning purposes for a successful career and promotes diversity needed for the local market.

The college research strategy includes encouragement of inter- and multi-disciplinary research addressing the needs of industry, government, and society. Its education strategy includes the continuous improvement of engineering curricula both in content and method and applying the world quality standards in all the departments of the faculty.

Also, the Faculty of Engineering is in process of achieving the National Architectural Accrediting Board NAAP accreditation for the Architecture Engineering Program.