Welcome to the Faculty

Warm greetings to you all,

On behalf of the school’s staff and students, I would like to welcome you to the Business School at the Hashemite University. Our distinguished school and staff team are committed to deliver the highest possible quality educational experience and higher employability chances to our students.

In my role as a Dean of the Business School, I am proud of our dedication to provide an engaging learning experience based on professional experience in the business world, which has been an ongoing tradition since the establishment of the school in 1995. We are steadfast in our mission to cultivate highly competent graduates, equipped with the skills and acumen essential for thriving in today’s competitive labor market. In addition, I would like to ensure the Business School commitment to maintain close contact with our students and improve their skills to take advantage of every possible path to success.

We wish all students, academic, and administrative staff a successful academic year filled with growth, progress, and prosperity.


Dr. Waed Ensour

Dean, Business School

The Hashemite University