Welcome to the Faculty

The Faculty of Science was founded when the Royal Decree of establishing the Hashemite University was declared in 1991. In 1995/1996, the teaching started where the Faculty was part of a Science and Arts building. The science departments were Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Mathematics, and Computer Science. In 1998/1999, the Department of Geology was separated from the Faculty and became a part of the Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment and in 2001/2002; the Computer Science Department was separated from the Faculty of Science and Arts and turned into a part of Prince Al-Hussein bin Abdullah II Faculty of Information Technology. In 2005/2006, the Faculty of Science acquired an independent status by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Decree of April 2005, leading to the separation of Faculty into two Faculties: the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Arts, where Faculty of Science consisted of four departments: Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology.  In 1999/2000, the Biotechnology program was initiated and included under the umbrella of Department of Biology and Biotechnology.
The Faculty of Science has five Departments: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and Biotechnology. In 2010/2011, the department of Allied Basic Sciences was established and this made the number of departments five.


*Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Instrument - Chemistry Department*