Social Responsibility

Community service and social responsibility
Policies and plans about the relationship with society

It is defined as identifying the societal needs of individuals, groups and institutions, and designing activities and programs that meet these needs through the university, its colleges, and its various research centers in order to bring about desired developmental and behavioral changes. Through the method of spreading knowledge outside the university walls, in order to bring about behavioral, developmental and social changes in the environment surrounding the university.

The services and activities provides to the community
The areas of community service vary and vary according to the conditions and capabilities of each university separately, as well as according to the changing conditions of society, and therefore we find a clear contrast between what universities provide in this field and whatever those fields are activities and practices aimed at achieving the comprehensive development of society in its various aspects of knowledge (economic) Social, health and environmental) by exploiting all the actual capabilities and material resources of higher education institutions to improve the conditions of societies.

Types of services provided:
Awareness and educational lectures according to the needs of the local community.
• Participate in maintenance and cleaning work inside and outside the university (if possible).
• Facilitating the development of applied research and projects in cooperation with civil society institutions to enable these institutions to obtain material support in implementing community service programs and programs.