Achievements of the Center

1.  Prepare and organize training courses and workshops, and provide external consultations for women development and empowerment.

2.  Networking, coordination, cooperation, and conclude agreements with civil society organizations, local, regional and international institutions and bodies in the field of women, including the Jordanian National Committee for Women’s Affairs, the Arab Women Organization and the United Nations.

3.  Capitalizing on the human capital at the University and benefiting from the knowledge and experiences of faculty and administrators related to women's affairs to support the Center's activities and tasks.

4.  Provide support and partial in-kind funding to establish the Center's hall.

5.   Prepare resources and provide appropriate educational aids on women's issues.

6.   Prepare, launch and manage a competitive training program inside the Center for female students.

7.   Prepare, launch and manage volunteer program inside the Center for male and female students.

8.   Provide community services in the field of women empowerment and women awareness of their issues.

9.   Involve women from the public and private sectors in the Center’s activities as a model to break the stereotype and share knowledge and experiences.

10.  Prepare, launch and manage activities on the University campus on women's issues, including gender equality, women's rights, combating violence, empowering women socially, politically and economically, and encouraging students and employees of both genders to join and participate in these activities, whether they are workshops, dialogue sessions, or film screening and discussion.

11.   Select the Center for Women Studies in Society through a formal mechanism as a representative of the academic community and research institutions as a member of the national coordination mechanisms established to contribute to women's issues, including setting up policies, strategies and reports on the progress achieved in this field, reviewing laws and setting legislative priorities.

12.  Select the Center for Women Studies in Society within the UN Women partners list.

13.  Participate in local conferences related to women's issues.

14.  Document all the Center’s achievements, including activities, studies, lectures and courses on the University's website.