Academic, psychological and social counseling

the event that any academic, social or psychological counseling is required, the following steps shall be followed:

  • Log in to the electronic student portal.
  • Enter to the Deanship of Student Affairs, which is available in the student portal.
  • Choose the screen for booking an appointment for psychological counseling.
  • You will be contacted based on the information entered and confidentially.


Academic counseling is one of the pillars of the university education, as the university is interested in this aspect which aims to guide students to obtain the best results, adapt to the university environment and seize the opportunities available to them by providing them with academic skills that raise their level of educational achievement through the Academic, Psychological and Social Counseling Section.

The importance of psychological and social counseling is also a necessity of life in order to reach a renewed human life and to self-independence and to enable the individual to make positive changes in his behavior ,help him to acquire and learn the skills of effective communication with others in a positive way.

Psychological and social counseling services

It is divided into developmental (providing the elements and conditions of integrated and balanced growth, including physical, mental, psychological and social aspects), preventive (avoiding the occurrence of the problem and disturbance by removing the causes that lead to its occurrence), and curative (helping to solve problems, whether at the level of the individual or group).