Student Bodies Department:


Establishing an outstanding model of the youth that is consistent with the university’s achievement, encouraging leadership and innovation, and building a professional institutional system based on mature knowledge in the art of youth leadership.


Building and upgrading the level of leadership, and showing the responsibility toward the university's benefits and gains.


1. Rejecting all forms of violence, extremism, and intolerance.

2. Creating leaderships which accept the opinions of the others.

3. Examining the strengths and weaknesses of the university's student.

4. Training the students to become leaders and creative.

5. Holding activities suitable for student bodies.

6. Supporting the students’ needs in a way that does not conflict with the regulations of the university.

7. Applying innovative methods and techniques to communicate with the largest number of the university’s students.


Department numbers 053903333 / ext. 4414 / fax 053826815