The Required Documents

Jordanian students who hold a Jordanian certificate for the year 2021 and 2020, and high school for the years 2018 and 2019 are not required to submit documents (except for the 2019 winter session, they must bring their high school transcript to the relevant college registrar).
The student must submit the required documents to the admission and registration unit staff for students holding non-Jordanian certificates and previous years at the admission and registration unit building on the day he will come to the university to apply for the level exams.


** Official documents required for students who have obtained a non-Jordanian secondary school certificate or previous years, and for non-Jordanian students

- Transcript of the original Jordanian high school transcripts, or the equivalency of the certificate issued by the Jordanian Ministry of Education for students who obtained a high school diploma in Arab countries for the academic year after 2015/2016, or a duly certified non-Jordanian high school transcript for the year 2015 and before (for previous years).

-A foreign certificate equivalency document issued by the Jordanian Ministry of Education and a certified copy of the certificate. (For students with foreign certificates.

-A certified copy of a valid passport showing the nationality of the student. (for non-Jordanian students)
-A certified copy of the security card for Syrian students.
A certified copy of the Children of Jordanian Women Document for non-Jordanian students who are children of Jordanian women.


* - The student must attach all documents that prove his residence in the concerned country during the study period, supported by a copy of the passport (for Jordanian students who have high school certificates or its equivalent from outside the Kingdom and certified by the Ministry of Education.