Scholars Information

The scholarship holder must read the system of scholarships and its instructions
- Any claims for disbursement made to the finance unit must be original and a copy shall not be accepted.
- In case of obtaining a scholarship (exemption from fees), the applicant must inform the financial affairs unit.
Information requested from the scholarship holder upon arrival at the hosting university:
- His or her postal address is clear and complete, in addition to his phone number and fax, if any, his electronic address.
- Bank address includes the bank name, branch, bank number, beneficiary bank code, account number, address, and the name of the scholarship holder as approved by the bank.
- A document issued by the hosting university (where the scholarship holder is sent) indicating the date of enrollment at the university or a registration notice so that the financial affairs unit can transfer its allocations from the date of enrollment or the date of registration.
E-mail of the scholarship holder: