-    How can I access the library resources from outside the university?
        The students & faculty members and administrative employees can access the library resources from outside the university through the Deep knowledge portal... or electronic library. 

-    How many paper books can I borrow? what are the loan periods?      
            category                           number of books                the loan period
postgraduate students                       7 books                              28 days    
Undergraduate students                    3 books                               14 days
Faculty members                                10 books                         one semester
Administrative employees                 3 books                              28 days

-    Can I borrow any of the library's holdings? 
    References, special collections and theses can't be borrowed and can be only viewed in the library. 

-    How can I reserve a borrowed book? 
    Through the loan counter, you can request to reserve a borrowed book. 

-    How can I get the password for self-check services? 
    Through the library service which is available on the e-services portal on the page of each employee or student. 

-    How can I search for a book in the library, and locate it on the shelves?
    By using the search stations in the library, you can search by title, author's name, subject, call number through which you can locate the book on the shelf, as the foreign books are located in first floor, and the Arabic books in the second floor

-    Are there any sub-libraries other than the main one? 
    Yes, there is a medical library in the faculty of medicine building, and an Engineering library in the Faculty of Engineering building.

-    What are the official working hours of the library? Does the library open its doors on official holidays? 
    The working hours: 
            Sunday- Thursday (8:00 AM - 4:00 PM) 
            Friday - Saturday (closed) 

-    Is it possible to xerox pages from a book, or an article inside the library? 
                      Yes, this service is available.

-    Are there electronic copies of the books in the library?
    No, but there are electronic databases, and there are e-books available through the electronic resources platform.

-    Are there any fees for the services provided by the library? 
    All library services, activities and events are free of charge.

-    Can I buy books from the library?
    No, the Hashemite University library provides library materials for reading and borrowing only.