Social Work Library

Social Work Library (SWL) was launched within the context of a cooperation agreement between the Social Work Center at Hashemite University and Abdel-Hameed Shoman Foundation.


The Social Work Library is designed Primarily to servc the information needs of students, faculty and staff of the Center of Social Work at the Hashemite University. 


- To provide resources and services in social work research, teaching and learing.
- To find information and resources in social work education and practice; including social welfare, family and child welfare,and social work in general. 


 The library collection covers as wide a range of subject areas as there are social issues and problems, with a focus on social work practice. Many titles are unique to social work, but much of the material in this field is also shared by allied disciplines such as:           

- Child and family studies.
- Psychology.
- Health care. 

The Social Work Library is located on the ground floor of the main library building.