Training Courses

- Developing the students’ self-directed learning skills and bringing them to a degree of awareness to explore themselves, their potentials, and their abilities.

- Helping students to understand themselves, their circumstances, and the environment around them so that they can face and overcome their problems.

The training aims to develop students' skills and abilities during their study stages. This development will help students meet the requirements of labor market locally and abroad and help them find job opportunities by having specialized training courses on campus after determining the training needs required for them. The following sub-objectives will be achieved through free training:
- Providing students with the necessary skills for employment in the local and foreign labor market by providing them with the necessary skills and competencies.
- Providing students with the necessary skills and competencies to motivate them in implementing self-employment entrepreneurial projects.
- Providing students with communication skills and what they need in dealing with the requirements of the labor market.
- Improving students 'skills in using computer applications related to students' fields of specialty.
-Enhancing students’ skills in foreign languages, which will increase their chances of finding a job.
- Spreading awareness among students about topics that help them acquire the necessary skills in employment and labor laws.
Courses offered by the Fund Office: 
- Business Ethics Course 
- My way to the job course
- Company establishment course 
- English conversation course