The deanship of students’ affairs was established at the beginning of the academic year 1996/1997. Since the deanship is of a unique status when it comes to its tasks and responsibilities, it has a unique position in the university due to its close relation with the students and the local community.


The deanship, through its activities, cares of the students’ different aspects, physical, social and psychological as well. Thus, it plays a major role in developing the students and preparing them to be leaders who are able to take responsibilities. 


  1. 1- Building the awareness of the students socially, psychologically and educationally and developing their personalities. In addition to strengthen their loyalty through participating in the clubs,
  2. 2- Making the students participate in the decision making process.
  3. 3- Preparing the students for labor market by providing them with the necessary skills, by training them , and by helping them to know the career suitable for them.
  4. 4- Easing the students’ life in the university through providing all the necessary services.
  5. 5- Enhancing the positive values needed to build the new generation, and the values of democracy, integrity, equality, and respecting the other.
  6. 6- Spreading the team work spirit.
  7. 7- Enhancing the loyalty to Jordan and its legacy.
  8. 8- Developing the voluntary work and social work spirit.