Vision & Mission

- increase the volume of the university's investments by creating rented service locations that serve students and employees and generate revenue for the university.
- increase and update the university’s machineries to improve the quality of services provided in the Transportation Division.
- computerize and reflect all forms on the employee portal, which go through a series of followed procedures and approvals in the Transportation Division. These forms include: -
a. Request to subscribe to the employee transportation service.
b. Request to withdraw from the employee transportation service.
c. Request a movement to carry out an official mission which serve the university.
d. Request to allocate a periodic machinery to carry out pre-computed work, serving some departments according to the nature of work and needs.
4. contract with external parties to maintain the university's machinery and to secure necessary and urgent maintenance parts as soon as possible, according to the university’s regulations and instructions.
- increase the number of administrative and technical staff members to raise the level of services required for the conduct of the university's business.
- improve the level of job satisfaction among the university’s employees as much as possible.