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Announcing the First agreement of its kind in Jordan and the Arab world Partnership and training with the private sector, Aleiman Company to train pharmacy students on advanced skills in pharmacy management

Advanced logistical skills and related subskills

Planning and marketing skills and related subskills

Communication and scientific promotion sector and its subskills

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Supporting and developing empowerment skills and capacity building for pharmacy students

RBC group Group of Jordanian undergraduate students

Jan 2021

Active partnership with the Saudi Heart Association for Clinical Pharmacy

It included the participation of 40 pharmacy students and Alumni 

 (with an special waive for the subscription fee of 100 Saudi riyals per participant)


Dec 2020

The launch of the leading educational platform

Professional Pharmacy Education Kit

Which provides a comprehensive review of more than twenty-five crucial topics in pharmaceutical care

Pharmacological overview, pharmacy practice guideline and Clinical Pharmacy guideline



Publication of the Food Security Assessment Study,

 which was carried out in cooperation with

His Highness Prince Crown Foundation / Petra and Hashemite Universities /

Newcastle University – United Kingdom



Agreement between the center and the Jordanian  Association of Pharmaceutical Manufactures (JAPM)

Under the patronage of the President of the Hashemite University and the General Director of the Association



Agreement between the center and the Royal Medical Services

Under the patronage of the President of the Hashemite University and the Director General of the Royal Medical Services



Launching a series of interactive meetings with pharmacists who have achieved global success stories.

The activities are organised and suggested by Dr. Saja Hamed,

Incentives and workshop granted by the center




Publication of a clinical study, in cooperation with the Hashemite Medical College and Prince Hamzah Hospital,

The risk of Corona virus on children

Clinic al and Laboratory Characteristics of SARS-CoV2-Infected Pediatric Patients in Jordan: Serial RT-PCR Testing until Discharge



Joint training workshop

The grant Building Capacity of Personal Development

Part two in collaboration with

Accreditation Authority for Higher Education Institutions / Petra Drug Store

Omnia Drug Store / Prime Ministry of Jordan





Workshop and training grant (ten over ten)

To empower and build capacity for pharmacy graduates,

In the presence of faculty members and dean of the Pharmacy School



Press report in United Kingdom.

Pharmaceutical Journal

A Royal Pharmaceutical Society Publication

The report dealt with the results of the study conducted by Dr. Mohanad Odeh at Queen's University and Antrim Hospital in UK



Publication of a novel model for patient and drug management

Medicines optimization Clinic

Which was in cooperation with Queen's University Belfast and Antrim Hospital in UK



Publication of a study accompanying the

Awareness activities carried out by the center

 Diabetes Patient Education

The University of Jordan / Yarmouk University

Al Orifi Mall - Amman

Note: Awareness activities are included in the 2019 and 2018 events

May 2020

Congratulations from the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

‘’Congratulations  Your work was one of the top downloaded in recent publication history’’

May 2020

Collaborating with the British Pharmacists Association in providing a free training platform

Prescribing Assessment Skills

April 2020

Cooperation with the

 Municipality of Zarqa

During Corona quarantine ,

April 2020

The first joint e-learning initiative through online interactive means

Queen's University Belfast, UK / College of Pharmacy, Professor Colin McCoy

The Hashemite Mosque / College of Pharmacy

 Dr. Mohanad Odeh and Dr. Saja Hamed

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Natour, an expert from the private sector who provides advanced marketing for students

Director of Public Relations at the Hashemite University,

Dr. Najati Bani Younes

An impressive number of students with awareness and responsible behaviour have been able to communicate online


March 2020

Joint coordination with the

 Jordanian Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers ,

 and the Jordanian Food and Drug Administration for a workshop


March 2020

Some of the students' contributions and opinions on the educational outcomes of the College of Pharmacy

March 2020

Translating articles and raising awareness about Corona at the beginning of the pandemic, in cooperation with a group of graduates and the

Initiative named  PharmaMEAL



The Hashemite University /

 Pharmacy Management and Pharmaceutical Care Innovation Center

Partnership with the Prime Ministry

and the Prince Crown Prince Foundation

support for all applicants for the

 Crown Prince Award for Best Government Application

Feb 2020

Launching the Innovative project

 Scientific Club for communication

which included the participation of 30 pharmacy graduates and students in awareness projects, and Meeting with

President of the Hashemite University, Prof. Fawaz Al-Zaboon

Feb 2020

Holding a scientific debate between students of the course of communication skills and curative care

Feb 2020

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

With Dr. Mohanad Odeh and Dr. Muhammad Al-Alami as a representative

Managers of Al-Hikma Company

Feb 2020

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

With Dr. Mohanad Odeh and Dr. Hanan Al-Saboul, a representative

Jordanian Federation of Medicines Producers

Feb 2020

The launch of the training partnership model, the first of its kind in Jordan and the Middle East

An advanced training program in multiple disciplines within the Administrative Pharmacy track

Second Semester 2020

A training workshop on empowerment and capacity-building for all leaders of Irbid National University

13-15 Jan-2020

A training workshop on empowerment and capacity-building for all leaders of Irbid National University

13 - 15 Jan 2020

Knowledge transfer workshops held by the Hashemite University for students and workers at Jadara University and the Jordanian Ministry of Health and the Food and Drug Corporation


‎ A workshop of experienced people communicating with students who are studying and activating the importance of knowledge transfer and networking between the academic sector and the work sector



Leadership and development in higher education

Participation in the International Week of Yarmouk University


A meeting between graduates and students on the seats of the school sponsored by the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Hashemite University within the activities of networking and communication.




Regional challenge Be the Solution

Under the auspices of the Pioneer Center for Curative Care Research at the Hashemite University



Meeting with the Insan / Zarqa team to talk about how to manage projects and expand projects


Partnership between Queen's University Belfast and British higher education institutions (whether private or public universities)


A course on empowerment skills, capacity building, and psychometric analysis of interactive behavior , which came to activate the agreement between the Hashemite University and the Food and Drug Foundation


Signing a Memorandum of Understanding between the Food and Drug Administration and the Hashemite University



Two workshops within the activities of the Responsibility and Ethical Practices in Scientific Research Program

It is a funded program in coordination between the Jordan University of Science and Technology and the University of California - San Diego, USA


A course on self-empowerment in the Senate


A delegation from Zarqa University visited the Hashemite University

To exchange pioneering ideas and discuss ways of future cooperation between the two universities.


‎ The tentative launch of the electronic version of the Jordanian Medicines Directory


Dr. Odeh's participation in a workshop for the business incubator at Zarqa University


Breakfast of the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences with students and faculty members


Interactive career day at a company Novartis


A training workshop on empowerment and self-capacity building for (26) leaders in Zarqa Governorate


A delegation from the Arab Network for Innovation visited the branch of An-Najah National University of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

The delegation met with the Strategic Advisor of Queen's University Belfast in the Middle East, Director of the Pioneering Center for Research in Curative Care and Patient Service - Dr. Muhannad Odeh


Training workshop on empowerment and capacity building

personal development and leadership

Specialist for pharmacy graduate students, The Hashemite University


The College of Pharmacy at the Hashemite University hosted the pioneering fellow Dr. Sundus Samara to speak to the college students in a training lecture in the pharmaceutical administration


Reuters Agency for Global News sheds light on the outputs of an inductive study led by Dr. Muhannad Odeh and Professor James McConnell


A specialized training workshop on empowerment and capacity building

personal development and leadership

At the Aqaba University of Technology


My Health initiative with a pharmacist and the launch of a research project on people's beliefs about medicines


Dr. Raed Marwah hosted a specialized course entitled:

Stock management strategies, in which the theoretical framework and the practical side are combined

In the warehouses of the Ministry of Health


Meet a group for your future at Philadelphia University


A number of students of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Hashemite University visited the Royal Court under the supervision of Dr. Muhannad Odeh, Director of the Pioneer Center for Research in Clinical Management and Patient Service / College of Pharmaceutical Sciences.


The role of the pharmacist in monitoring the patient’s medicines after discharge from the hospital


‎ Training workshop in Petra warehouse for pharmacy students at the Hashemite University


‎ Amending the knowledge-sharing cooperation agreement between the Hashemite University and Queen's University Belfast, UK


A visit to the Czech University of Masaryk to exchange knowledge related to e-higher education projects in the health sector


The participation of the Hashemite University in the research forum of Queen's University (Belfast) in Britain


Jordanian TV interview of the President of the former Queen 's University d . James and the current President, Dr. Ian and Dr. Muhannad Odeh



Knowledge Transfer Partnership for exchanging expertise about prescribing skills assessment


A meeting with members of the Royal Scientific Society


Medical Services Conference


Participation in the government leadership preparation program


Graduation of the capacity building workshop for leadership positions in the Prime Minister


Scientific Research Preparation Course


Video for QUB VC group visit to Jordan


Talks with the Prime Minister of Jordan to determine the strategic path in the presence of the British Ambassador, the President of Queen's University and the President of Al-Hashemite University.


A specialized training workshop on empowerment and capacity building

personal development and leadership

At the University of Mu'ta.


Dr. Mahmoud Al-Natour presents a workshop on presentation skills

Presentation skills workshop


Pharmacy students visit Beit Al-Khair to take care of the days in Eid Al-Fitr


QUB Jordan Leadership Forum


A specialized training workshop on empowerment and capacity building

personal development and leadership

At the University of Science and Technology.


A specialized training workshop on empowerment and capacity building

personal development and leadership

At the Hashemite University.


Dr. Muhannad Odeh's participation in an event Clinical skills event at JUST


A meeting with Dr. Zaid Al-Kilani, head of the Pharmacists Syndicate, and talking about the latest developments in the pharmaceutical community


A group of activities aimed at

To consolidate the principles of networking with the private sector and to activate the theoretical and practical knowledge building in the educational mission


The College of Pharmaceutical Sciences hosted Mrs. Alice Haddadin to speak to students interested in scientific research about how to use search engines in a way that ensures obtaining the correct information.


Pharmacists Planting Hope Initiative / Arifa Mall

And the launch of a research project on diabetes and its cognitive reality in Jordan


The Arab Creativity Network of An-Najah National University held the scientific symposium entitled "Pharmacy horizons beyond the Bachelor" which was delivered by video broadcast from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Dr. Muhannad Odeh - Honorary Strategic Adviser to Queens In the Middle East and North Africa,


A delegation from Queen's University visits the Ministry of Higher Education


A delegation from Queen's University visits the Hashemite University and a group of pharmacy students speak for themselves in front of them


An interactive meeting between the Center - The Hashemite University and Amman Arab University


End of training for administrative pharmacy students at Al-Hakim warehouse in Jordan


A scientific research club event that included an explanation of scientific articles