New Student Procedures

First: Obtaining a university number:
Extracting the university student’s university number through the new student’s website, which is located within the official university website
Note that the password for the student portal will be the seat number, the national number, or the same university number, which can be changed later.

Second: Payment of the financial fees:
Entering the student's electronic portal and exploring the fees to be paid (through financial services - university fees).
***Noting that university fees will be paid before registration and placement exams
The student pays the required university fees within the period specified in the announcements through the following approved payment points: Any branch of any of the Kingdom’s banks directly or through exchange shops and points of sale of any invoices.
Payment through the on-line service for Jordanian bank customers.
ATM card for Jordanian banks.
Through the website using credit cards (Visa / MasterCard).
Note: Payment through any of your bills service and through any of the previous payment points, choose:-
Biller Category: Education
Biller name: The Hashemite University
Service type: University fees
Subscription number: Use the university number.
Note: A commission will be added by e-Fawateercom to the required amount according to their instructions.


Third: University ID:
Log into the student portal to verify the following information:
The name in English has three syllables.
Verify the phone number and address (place of residence) and approve the information, and the amendment, if any, is made by the Deanship of Student Affairs.
Upload the personal photo from the civil status file through the electronic student portal.University IDs will be delivered through the Deanship of Student Affairs after they are completed, through a mechanism that will be announced later.


Fourth: Submitting Documents:
Submitting documents to Jordanian students holding a Jordanian certificate is not required, and non-Jordanian students or students who have a non-Jordanian secondary certificate must submit the required documents to the Admission and Registration Unit staff at the Admission and Registration Unit building on the day he will come to the university to apply for the level exams.
*** All students who have been accepted in the specializations of management and sports training and sports rehabilitation review the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences (on the date to be determined at the time); To conduct a medical examination and a physical fitness test, accompanied by personal identification and two (2) photographs, in addition to sports clothing, and to obtain a financial receipt from the Financial Affairs Unit in the amount of (20) Jordanian dinars instead of the medical examination.


Fifth: Postponing the military service:
The student reviews the representative of the science service office at the university on the day he will come to the university to apply for the level exams, bringing with him the science service book, a copy of his personal identity and a copy of the family book, for Jordanian male students born in 1981 and later, or a certificate of termination or exemption from service.


Sixth: Level exams:
The student will appear the dates for applying for the level exams (Arabic, English, computer) on his electronic student portal, through the marks portal --- the electronic exams box.


Seventh: Registration of Study Subjects:
The academic schedule for students who have paid and submitted documents and submitted for the level exams will be registered automatically without the student reviewing the Admission and Registration Unit, note that the student can modify his academic schedule within the permitted add and drop periods automatically through the electronic portal without the need to review the Admission and Registration Unit.