Students’ Housing

Student’s housing is considered one of the main factors that positively affects students’ lives in the university. This is due to the methodology established by the administration of university that is always keen to create the appropriate atmosphere in providing a comfortable and quiet accommodation for its students. Represented by its administrative staff, services and accommodations division at the Deanship of Students’ Affairs provide services, guidance and advice to foreign students who desire to be provided with housing that suits their various needs and requirements by guiding them to the available housing places in the Amman and Zarqa governorates and in coordination with the offices deployed in both governorates. The Deanship of Students’ Affairs provides means of comfort and reassurance for its students, follows up on their affairs inside and outside the dormitories, and creates the appropriate atmosphere for their advancement to the highest levels of educational and academic achievements.


Services and Accommodation Division is keen on fulfilling university’s mission by creating a familial atmosphere for the students, enriching the development of their personality and taking care of their psychological, social and health needs, as well as helping them in establishing new friendships and facilitating their connection with the local community so they become capable of taking responsibility and engage in the labor market.


In order to achieve a familial and friendly atmosphere among students, periodic meetings are held to highlight the problems facing them and the suggestions that lead to solve them, organizing seminars and introductory lectures that discuss familial, social and health issues, making Ramada’s feasts, organizing recreational trips and social visits and participating in number of student events.

The Hashemite University also provided model housing for female students from other close countries, that is considered the first of its kind in the Zarqa Governorate. It consists of two buildings as each building contains (20) apartments, consisting of (3) bedrooms (each room accommodates two students), a kitchen, and a spacious living room in addition to sanitation. Each building can accommodate (108) students.

The dormitories’ residents are foreign students from the following countries (Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Algeria, Turkey, and Morocco).

The university’s administration was keen to provide high-speed internet services, a free of charge transportation services back and forth to the university by the university’s buses, in addition to a shopping program that suits the students' desires, as well as a (24) hours available resident supervisory staff. The housing is followed-up by security supervisors day and night, in addition to digital surveillance that covers the area surrounding the residence. The Deanship of Student Affairs provides counseling for female students once a week. In addition, the housing was provided with supplies, furniture and electrical appliances and hot water available around the clock.


Automatic washing service is available beside heating and cooling facilities resembled in air conditioning units inside the students' rooms and living rooms. As well as providing optimum services to female students in the housing by providing a quiet atmosphere for studying, as the housing site has been carefully chosen in King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz City in Zarqa, distinguished by its closeness to the Hashemite University, essential services and the city's commercial facilities.

Modest financial installments have been applied for the student’s housing subscription, making it accessible to all students regardless of any social differences.

Foreign students who reside outside of the Kingdom can view more information and pictures for the dormitory by logging in the university’s official website and then selecting the students’ housing icon. The procedures have been facilitated for them as they can reserve a bed in the dormitory by directly contacting the head of the Student Accommodation Division at the Deanship of Student Affairs (24) hours a day throughout the schooling year on the number (0772243998) or (0797552345). The official registration procedures are completed after the student arrives to the Kingdom.