Technical Department

Acquisition and Subscriptions Division

This division is responsible for supplying the library with all needs of the library items through purchasing or donating books, and responsible for recruitment of subscriptions in databases. Also, this division is responsible for receiving, organizing, and recording all library materials
All these processes have been computerized by applying the Horizon Information Management System.

    Phone 05/3903333 Ext. 4362

Cataloging and Classification Division

This division is responsible for cataloging and classifying all the library materials in an organized way to facilitate access to these materials easily.  This Division uses several such as:
- Descriptive cataloging of library materials according to Anglo-American cataloging rules
- Subject cataloging using Library of Congress Subject Headings for foreign materials, and Arabic Subject Headings for Arabic materials.
- All library materials are automated through Horizon, and these materials are classified using Dewey Decimal Classification.

    Phone 05/3903333  Ext. 4375