Department of Library Services

This department is responsible for providing all types of library services as books, electronic materials, or training programs in accordance with university laws and instructions.


This department is responsible for the development of library services and maintaining library excellence and uniqueness among the libraries of the Jordanian universities through   providing library services to the users and to support the University vision to become a library as developed research center by providing it with latest electronic services.

The Department is divided into two main divisions are:  

Division of General Collections and Circulation Services

This section provides circulation services of library collections such as books, and different information resources which are available in the library and as instructed by the library services.
           Phone 05/3903333 Ext. 4435
           E-mail : CIR-LIBRARY@HU.EDU.JO

 Division of Special Collections and References   

This division provides reference services inside the library and includes: 
•Reference Room: this room contains the most important references needed by the users of the library such as dictionaries, glossaries, encyclopedias language guides, yearbooks and other types of references.
•Childhood Room: this room includes a huge collection of children's books as well as educational tools used to train students in the Faculty of Children's Queen Rania at the university and all the furniture and decorations are used where special for children.
•The American Corner : contains a quantity of books and references provided by the U.S. Embassy in Amman, in addition to computers, screens, CDs and video cassette even the furniture from the U.S. embassy such as chairs, tables reading and special racks of books.  Also there are many activities are hold which is placed with a timetable of its own and related with Hashemite University Library at the same time.
•Social Work Room: in collaboration with the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation this room has been founded and allocated a special room in the library and all contents of books, furniture and equipment are provided by the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation.
•Reserve Room: this room contains, theses and dissertations, and heavily used books, and books of a special nature approved by the faculty members of the university in addition to these both of which are discussed in the campus or donated by faculty members at the university
•The British Corner: this corner has been developed under a special agreement between the Hashemite University and the British Council in Amman and all the contents of books, Furniture & equipment are presented by the British Council.
•Private and Prohibited Collections Room: a closed room which are not allowed to be used only under a permission for an official letter from faculty members and with the approval of the library manager; provide students, which require their studies refer to this room so that the contents of a special nature not like the rest of the contents of the library may be written or rare manuscripts, maps and books contents may affect religion or morality.   

      Phone 05/3903333 Ext. 4690