Initiatives and Volunteering Club

Vision: Guiding students to undertake various voluntary activities and initiatives that aim at serving the university community and the local community.

1- Increasing awareness of the importance of voluntary work by holding various seminars and workshops, which reflect positively on both students and society.
2- Organizing field visits for students to the local community environment to identify its needs and try to secure them.
3- Serving the community and the surrounding environment through the establishment of various service activities such as painting and maintenance of schools, places of worship, and public parks
4- Employing students' time and energies in extra-curricular activities to develop voluntary work among students and reduce the phenomenon of university violence
5- Communicating with the nation’s institutions and the local community to obtain material support that helps in implementing the club’s activities and initiatives
6- Actively participating in the national, religious, and social celebrations held by the university.