The Great Arab Revolt Club

Increasing awareness of the true value of launching the Great Arab Revolution, which contributed to the building and prosperity of the nation, as the Great Arab Revolution is considered a revolution of freedom and dignity for Arabs when Sharif Hussein bin Ali fired one shot of his rifle on June 2, 1916, announcing the Great Arab Revolt against injustice and tyranny for the sake of freedom, independence, and Arab dignity

1- To  follow up with studies on the history of the Great Arab Revolt and the history of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
2- Communicating with the youth sector through cultural and social activities that meet the goals of the Jordanian states.
3- Working to implement the directives and visions of the pioneering Hashemite leadership, which focus on achieving the principle of meaningful and homeland dialogue.
4- Addressing national issues and following up on the high royal initiatives for the development and progress of Jordan.
5- Organizing national awareness programs and implementing visit programs in the places of the Great Arab Revolt.
6- Holding celebrations for national occasions, seminars and interacting with developments in the Jordanian arena for the good of this country.
7- Conducting lectures and seminars to discuss developments in the Jordanian arena.
8- Discussing papers and royal initiatives.
9- Inviting specialists in Jordanian history to deliver lectures on the Great Arab Revolt