American Library

American Library

The American Studies Resources Corner 

Why to visit the American Corner?
The American Corner is an important resource to do research on American Literature, Heritage, and related subjects; including: 
American Literature, American Policy, American Economy, medicine, American Society and Cities, Music and  Arts, Famous American Characters, guide books " how to study in the US?”,  also you can find useful materials about the TOEFL, GRE, SAT and GMAT tests. 
In addition, the corner is provided with computers with internet facilities for bibliographic search, Digital Video Conferencing (DVC), Televisions, DVD and Video Player. 

American Corner Activities: 
- Holding sessions and lectures. 
- Conversation groups. 
- Reading groups. 
- Cultural activities. 

 Online Databases: 
                Elibrary USA   (  Virtual Library Databases  )

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