Information Department

Information Department :

- Systems Division 

This division is responsible for technical and computer matters related to library system. The services presented by this division are the following: 

- Monitoring and supervising library system 
- Maintaining library sub-system   
- Application and development of systems as needed 
- Activating subscriptions, creating username, training library staff and coordinating with other library divisions to ensure workflow 
- Programming optical reader devices in library divisions in accordance with the system. 
- Maintaining and updating library data on library page. 

Phone 05/3903333 Ext. 4437

- Documentation and Archiving Division 

This division is responsible for documenting and archiving rare books , documents, pictures , conference proceedings , theses , university publications and papers ,so that users can access these materials easily .             
 Phone 05/9303333   Ext. 4861 

- Division Electronic Recourses and Periodicals  

This division is responsible for providing electronic database services that subscribed by the library and provides this service directly to researchers and scholars via the internet. 
Also this division is responsible for making subscriptions to paper and electronic journals; both of which are either donated to the library, or subscribed by the library. 
Paper journals are collected and bounded in volumes and arranged by the subject alphabetically on shelves.  
Phone 05/3903333 Ext. 5132