Library Services:
•    The digital library: It is an effective, easy and widespread way for the beneficiaries to view the electronic content provided by the library, it can be visited through the Deep Knowledge Portal data found inside the website of the library on H.U’s main webpage.  
•    Providing and facilitating the access, use, borrowing and returning of the library's printed assets through an effective way to manage and protect them using the latest electronic systems, which are the radio frequency library management and protection system (RFID(.
•    Mutual loan and request for scientific articles: The Hashemite University Library provides its users an access to the contents of a wide range of partner libraries (Jordanian universities, the British Library...) allowing the users to benefit from them through the HU library. 
•    Reference services and audio-visual materials: there are about (20,000) references in various disciplines available for researchers.
•    3D technologies: This service provides the users with the ability to print, copy and display data in 3 d.
•    Family and Childhood Library: The Hashemite University Library is unique among the libraries of the other Jordanian Universities and the Middle East by establishing a library for children, which is appropriate for early childhood stages through its materials, furniture, and educational media.
•    The library includes many cultural corners, such as: (the American corner, the social work corner, the British corner, the Canadian corner). Some cultural agreements have been established between the Hashemite University and a number of foreign embassies in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in addition to some leading local institutions in this field.
•    A special corner for His royal Highness Prince Al-Hassan Bin Talal was established. It is a hall that has great befits in showing His Highness's international, regional and local standings as a researcher and a thinker, especially in the field of interfaith dialogue and cultural dialogue. This corner includes books and references related to the history of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and   the Hashemite family in several languages.
•    Monthly activities: Seminars, lectures, dialogues, intellectual and educational workshops are held, in addition to creative and intellectual events held continuously inside and outside campus.  Added to that , art, heritage, cultural and national exhibitions are also hosted in the library.
•    Entertainment activities: The university library provides many entertainment activities that include: showing and watching international films winning Academy Awards, documentaries, scientific films, in addition to holding seminars and literary, artistic and musical workshops. Moreover, using a set of interactive games (Wii) and using a 3D printer is also available.
•    Serving people with special needs by providing them with the appropriate place, library materials, and tools that make it easier for them to make the best use of the library's assets. 
•    Photo static photocopying services for copying parts of books and references, especially those that cannot be borrowed.
•    A specialized equipped room to theses dissertations and published books. 
•    Expansion of serving the local community: In order to achieve the mission of the university in the field of community service, the library provides and facilitates the utilization of information pathways that are widely available through services to obtain the full text electronically for studies and scientific research, and to take advantage of audio-visual and machine-readable materials that the library makes available.
•    There is an interactive electronic window on the social media site page (Facebook) entitled (The Hashemite University Library Group) and its main objective is to respond to inquiries related to library services in addition to announcing training workshops and activities that take place in the library.