Study plans

Course NameCredit hoursCourse Number
health and safety of the Child31911011213
Use of technology in teaching children31911011232
Theories of Child Development and applications31911011240
Psychology playing in early childhood31911011241
Cognitive and linguistic development of the child31911011242
Social, emotional and physical development of the child31911011243
Early childhood curricula31911011260
Design and production of teaching aids for children31911011333
Development of thinking and creativity in children31911011334
Psychological and educational assessment in early childhood31911011351
Developing scientific and mathematical concepts in early childhood31911011364
Development of reading and writing in early childhood31911011365
Art and music education for children31911011371
Child abuse31911011381
International Programs in Early Childhood31911011463
Early childhood literature31911011465
Child and family rights31911011481
Contemporary issues in early childhood31911011484
Field Training121911011490
Applied Behavior Analysis31911022226