Department of Engineering Workshops

Engineering Workshops Department, divided into:
1) Student Training Division
2) Production division

The Department of Engineering Workshops was established at the Hashemite University and was inaugurated with the opening of the College of Engineering building in 2001, where the workshops were equipped with the latest types of devices and machines for the purpose of training students of the College of Engineering in all its various specializations.

The engineering workshops received students of the College of Engineering in its various departments, and teaching and training began with the beginning of the first semester of the academic year 2001/2002, where training on basic skills (Basic Skills) took place in the following training workshops: -
Carpentry Workshop
Metal Cutting & Turning Workshop
Welding Workshop
Casting Workshop
Sheet Metal Forming Workshop
Electrical Workshop
Piping Workshop

The above training workshops were equipped with the latest machines, machines, tools, and the main various hand tools at that time for this purpose. Objectives of training students in engineering workshops The training process aims to:
1. Psychologically qualify students for the realistic work atmosphere.
2. Introducing students to the general industrial tools, tools and machines most commonly used in the various engineering fields.
3. Provide the initial and necessary practical knowledge in the areas of basic industries. And training them in some basic technical skills.
4. Training students on the correct use of hand tools and tools.
5. Practical awareness of the students about the importance of adhering to the standards and requirements of industrial security

The Department of Engineering Workshops also manufactures many of the university’s wooden and metal supplies and produces the university’s needs of wooden furniture and woodwork such as desks, meeting tables, wooden cabinets, and metal products such as doors and iron protections, and samples of the College of Engineering laboratories such as the material resistance laboratory, the manufacturing process laboratory and the spare parts for devices and equipment inside The university and the metalwork and spare parts necessary for devices and equipment inside the university, as follows: ? Producing furniture and wood and metal crafts to meet the needs of the university's colleges and departments. Production of spare parts for devices and used equipment at the Hashemite University. ? Manufacturing samples used in laboratory tests for some laboratories of the Faculty of Engineering at the university. In view of the increase in the number of students of the College of Engineering and the aging of the machinery and equipment as a result of consumption and use, the directive was in 2013 to expand the engineering workshops and establish a metal hangar for this purpose to accommodate the increasing number of students in a timely manner and to provide it with advanced machines and machines equipped with modern technology to support and develop the performance of the engineering workshop mission and serve its objectives Of basic training for students.