Goals and Visions

Goals and visions:
Health insurance - like other advantages offered by the institution to which the employee belongs - enhances the employee's affiliation with the institution in which they work. They form a team that leads the institution to excellence and globalism, and contribute to the elevation of the country as a whole. There is no doubt that providing distinguished services is one of the best and easiest ways to excel, and to push production towards achieving the universality that most institutions and companies seek.
Since this is one of the basics and principles of the Hashemite University, the Health Insurance Department seeks to promote that distinction through various administrative procedures and activities, the most important of which are summarized as follows:
- Implementing  health insurance regulations and instructions to which the university is subject, and strive to enhance them in line with the requirements and continuous needs and various developments in this field.
- Developing communication with the various bodies that the Health Insurance Department deals with, by creating innovative new portals to communicate with the beneficiaries, such as creating a portal for retirees who benefit from health insurance, establishing a health insurance portal for students, and updating and developing communication with the contracting authorities through the current portals.

-Seeking computerization of work with hospitals, by activating their entry of their financial claims, and obtaining their reports through those portals without resorting to printing papers.
- Within the orientations  of the health insurance department, which is consistent with the orientations  of the university administration to develop health insurance work and improve its services, two new divisions have been approved to supplement the health insurance with more improvement and optimal service.  The two divisions are the Medical Procedures Follow-up Division and the Hospital Follow-up Division, which will be responsible of communicating with medical service providers, and providing logistical support to those service providers to develop and improve their visions and services. This will be reflected in the increase in the level of insurance services for the beneficiaries.