Engineering and Maintenance Department

Engineering and Maintenance Department divided into: -
1. Civil Works Maintenance Division
2. Mechanical works maintenance division and desalination plant
3. Engineering Division (Engineering Projects)
4. Electrical works and solar power station maintenance division


The Engineering and Maintenance Department was established in 1997 and it includes the following divisions:
1. Electrical Work Division.
2. Mechanical and Civil Works Division.

Its vision:
To provide integrated technical and engineering maintenance services with high efficiency Its mission: Managing procedures for providing technical and engineering maintenance services with excellence and perfection.  Values: To distinguish and integrate in providing engineering maintenance services, transparency, accountability, efficiency and creativity.

Department tasks: -
* Participate in planning to complete the campus.
* Follow-up supervision of the university buildings, Maintenance of the university's various buildings, infrastructure, and mechanical and electrical systems.
* Follow up the maintenance of the various university devices.
* Participate in the procedures for submitting new bids (design, supervision, implementation) to serve the university’s requirements from the newly created colleges.
* Contributing with other departments technically to accomplish the central and sub-works tenders.
* Prepare plans for periodic, preventive and emergency maintenance.
* Providing the necessary precautions for public safety procedures.
* Carrying out some works related to the university.

Tasks of the Electrical Work Division:
Maintaining, operating and maintaining the electrical system, elevators, main servers and main and subsidiary generators, maintaining electrical appliances and solar energy systems in the university, maintaining external lighting, following up on securing the university with electrical services, and implementing any mechanical and health extensions required by the university’s interest.

The tasks of the Mechanical and Civil Works Division: Maintain, operate and maintain the following systems:
1. Carry out daily, periodic, preventive and curative maintenance for all university facilities, and includes paint, aluminum, blacksmithing, carpentry, tiles and shortening work.
2. Fire and gas alarm systems.
3. Refrigeration and air-conditioning systems (separate air-conditioning units and chillers) at the university.
4.Central heating systems Maintenance, repair and operation of heating boilers of all sizes and capacities as well as maintenance of main and subsidiary lines and replacement of damaged lines from them.
 5. Sanitary systems (wash basins, urinals, bathrooms, showers, sewage network).
6.Follow up the provision of all water services at the university.
7.Operation and maintenance of artesian wells, pumps and extensions, sterilization of water, follow-up laboratory tests of water for both irrigation and drinking wells, and take necessary action in their regard.
8. Implementing any mechanical and sanitary installations required by the university’s interest.

Department's achievements: -
1) Cairo Amman Bank receives an area of (1000) square meters.
2) The King Harith IV complex was received by the Faculties of Arts and Educational Sciences.
3) The Al-Hussain Building complex received on the fourth floor offices of the Department of Architecture, the College of Dry Lands, the Women's Center, the Refugee Affairs Center and the Engineering Projects Department.
4) Receiving the building of Queen Rania College for Childhood with an area of (5600) square meters.
5) Building the College of Pharmacy building.
6) Receiving the rehabilitation of the Deanship of Student Affairs building.
7) Receive the rehabilitation of health units in old buildings.
8) Receiving the building of the Civil Defense Center of the Hashemite University.
9) Receiving the desalination plant with an operating capacity of (900) m3 / day.
10) Receive the tower water tank with a capacity of (600) m3 for irrigation purposes.
11) Building a structural systems laboratory.
12) Begin to design and prepare documents for the sports complex, the Arena hall, and a building for the College of Physical Education.
13) Invitation to bid for the design, construction, operation and management of a solar energy project with a capacity of (4) MW
14) The Energy Center and the University's South Gate.
15) Signing the agreement to install multi-system billboards in the university, number (55) distributed on the campus.
16) Invitation to tender for the establishment of (Court Food).
17) Bidding for bicycles for students' use.
18) Invitation to tender for the construction of water canning lines for the desalination plant