The University Environment Department

The University Environment Department is divided into:

A- Agriculture Services Division
Its responsibility is to cultivate the university’s lands, beautify and coordinate them so that the area of the internal agricultural lands reaches (300 dunums) and the outside (2500 donums).  The internal gardens are also divided into (15) sites and all the sites are irrigated by drip.
* Number of olive trees (30,000).
* Pistachios, count (800)
* Ornamental palms of various sizes planted, count (400)
* Forest trees, roses and shrubs (40,000)

The university owns (3) artesian wells divided into the following: -
? Well number 1 for the university
? 2 wells for the contractor In addition to a tank with a capacity of 500 meters, count (1)

The division also has:
1. Three (3) tractors
2. Small Diana Tank
3. Drainage spray tank 2
4. Drills, count (2)
5. Duck man plow, count (1)
6. (1) Three-rail plow.
7. A greenhouse


B- Environmental Preservation Division

1. Direct supervision of the company to which the tender is assigned to clean the university buildings, facilities, squares and streets, follow up on the daily absence cases of its employees and deduct it from the value of the company's monthly invoice according to the rules.
2. Periodically spraying insecticides to combat insects, rodents and reptiles through a specialized company and under an agreement signed in this regard.
3. Follow up the maintenance of the readiness of the university buildings and facilities by submitting requests for continuous maintenance and repairing faults in coordination with the Engineering and Maintenance Department.
4. Collecting the quantities of paper resulting from the daily consumption in preparation for selling them according to the rules, and recycling them in coordination with the paper sale committee formed for this purpose.
5. Supervising the cleaning campaigns carried out by some colleges or the Deanship of Student Affairs and securing them with all the requirements required for the cleaning process.
6. Keep backup copies of the keys of buildings, halls and offices