Training Department

The Training Department at the Studies, Consultations and Community Service Center is keen to provide all the available capabilities and the appropriate environment to implement its various plans and programs with high quality commensurate with the reputation of the university and its prestigious status, and in line with the provision of optimal service that reflects positively on the local community in all segments and contributes to keeping up with the modern developments and enhancing the opportunities to enter the labor market.

The Training Department seeks to contribute to supporting the academic process by providing students with the necessary knowledge and competence and enhancing their skills to compete for better opportunities in the labor market, by holding many qualitative training courses suitable for their different specialties. 
The Training Department also organizes many Training programs that would contribute to reducing unemployment by rehabilitating many community members who were not fortunate in completing their studies and involving them in specialized and technical training programs commensurate with the needs of the local and regional labor market.
In addition, the Training Department pays attention to organizing periodic training courses in all areas targeting employees at the university and in various public and private sectors, and community members with the aim of contributing to the development of the work of these sectors and improving the efficiency of its workers, and keeping pace with developments in all fields.