Complying with the resolution of the deans’ council regarding the continuation of awarding the students scholarships and giving them loans in order the encourage them to pursue their studies, the department tries its best to achieve this including all the students in addition to help international students and students with disabilities overcome all problems they may face as well any problem related to the university dormitory.


  1. 1- Receiving and reviewing the applications of scholarships and loans (returnable and non-returnable) through the students’ fund.
  2. 2-   Helping the students work in the different departments inside the university (during the fall and the spring semesters) for which they are paid and in a way that doesn’t   affect their schedule.
  3. 3- Helping students with disabilities (visual and in mobility) in reading and writing.
  4. 4- Preparing training courses in sign language.
  5. 5- Providing sign language services.
  6. 6- Preparing people who can work with sign language representing the university in all the events.
  7. 7- Helping freshman students cope with the new life in the university and overcome the obstacles they may face.
  8. 8- Solving the problems of the students .
  9. 9- Issuing the IDs for students and the clearance for the graduating students.
  10. 10- Helping in the procedures of residency for international students.
  11.  Providing students with dormitories supervised by the university.

The phone numbers

  053903333   Ex: 4132 / 4583  /5023 

Fax: 3826815/05