Goals and Aspirations

1- Working on drafting the texts of regulations and instructions that have not been approved until its date, such as (the student fund system and its instructions, and the investment system at the Hashemite University).
2- Working on reformulating the provisions of some articles in the enforceable regulations and instructions related to financial matters.                           
3- Seeking direct linkage with banks locally and internationally to facilitate all students in paying university fees and expanding the segment of banks with which we deal with so that the operations that take place in the bank are reflected in the students' files in the programs of the Financial Affairs Unit automatically and directly during periods of collecting university fees. To: -
A- Reducing the instances of confusion that occur in the unit during periods of receiving university fees.
B - Reducing the number of accountants who are assigned to follow up on receipts.
C- Reducing accountants' shortages that may occur to them and relieving them of the burden of counterfeit currencies.                                
4- Striving to computerize all financial work to save time and effort, and to be able to access the best services with all groups that the university deals with, including students, employees, delegates, and external clients, and to keep in constant contact with all these groups, we have started to establish the following electronic portals on the website of the Financial Affairs Unit : -
A- Delegates portal - for all financial matters related to delegates.
B- The external clients portal - to view the transactions related to them that reached the Financial Affairs Unit, and to know the checks ready for delivery.
C- The different entities' budget portal in the university - enables a specific entity in the university, whether it is a college, center, or administrative unit to follow up its budget first-hand, by means of a user name and password for the dean or director only, which may lead to a process of controlling spending among deans and administrative directors By directly and personally monitoring their budget .
5- Providing new resources to increase the volume of university revenues in order to meet the cessation of government support and the growing spending through: -
A- Increasing the number of students admitted to the international program.
B- Increasing the volume of the university’s investments by establishing a limited joint stock company in cooperation with external investors to implement multiple projects, including (the university's printing press, a fuel station, student homes, a model school, ... etc)