Control objectives

Objectives of the Internal Control Unit:

1.Ensure the correctness, integrity and application of the laws, regulations and instructions in force and in force.

2.Ensuring the correctness of the accounting processes for the transactions, financial documents and supporting documents related to revenues and expenditures in accordance with the applicable regulations and instructions.
3. Ensure that the financial resources and their use are in accordance with the established goals and plans.

4. Ensuring the integrity of the performance methods and work procedures followed in the various bodies at the university and directing to amend, correct or cancel everything that hinders effective performance or effective preventive control.

5. Diagnose existing problems and provide recommendations for corrective actions and suggested solutions.

6- Following up on all departments' corrective measures mentioned in the reports of the Internal Control Unit.

7. Cooperating with external oversight bodies to ensure the integrity of financial and administrative procedures at the university.