• The University Security Department considers the comprehensiveness of its work requirements a true reflection of the work of state agencies through the roles it plays in both preventive and therapeutic aspects and the application of provisions and instructions to ensure the achievement of what must be adhered to on campus.
• The University Security Department is the administrative body concerned with taking the necessary and deterrent measures for any violation issued by students in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs. It is also the body that guarantees the procedures for implementing the judgments issued by the investigation committees regarding students' cases.
• The University Security Department provides the requirements for achieving the highest levels of security and safety for people and property on the campus and in the female students' residence / Zarqa and achieving the required stability. It also extends a helping hand within the limits of the nature of its work and the locations of its cadres' presence to the target groups of the services it provides (students, academic staff, administrative staff, investors, auditors, visitors) at all levels and times without bias. 
• The University Security Department deals with cases of finding physical and material lost items on campus and returning them to their owners, dealing with types of abuse and tampering with personal and public possessions and securing them for their owners as much as possible and available.
• The University Security Department cadres can deal with cases of different missions, with a high level of positivity and professionalism, bear the responsibilities entrusted to them, smooth dealings with the target group for the service, and the delivery of cases for the most secure results.
• Technology, automatic surveillance systems, and cameras have been employed in cooperation with the concerned authorities and are moving forward to achieve the highest possible employment rate to serve the security aspect and its requirements on campus in addition to the use of electronic gates and magnetic cards.
• Following up and organizing the subscriptions of fellow university employees in solar energy parking lots.