King Abdullah II Fund / Career Guidance and Rehabilitation Office


Providing the university’s students with the necessary skills needed for the labor market.


The office trains the university’s students and enhances their professional and personal skills to encourage development and creativity. It cooperates with private and public civil service institutions to increase job opportunities and professional success.


Office’s Services:

1. Providing career counseling and guidance to help students get job opportunities.

2. Preparing students for the professional and practical environment of the labor market.

3. Helping students secure permanent or temporary job opportunities and enroll in volunteer work programs and public service activities.

4.Organizing training courses and workshops to improve personal skills as: Success Skills, How to be a Leader, The Lifetime Project, Developing a Bright Personality, Awakening Your Power, and Realizing Your Dreams.

5. Giving specialized training courses as: economic feasibility studies, web page design, project management, graphic design, and language courses.

6. Preparing students to the labor market and teaching them skills as: writing a resume and cover letter, making an interview, searching for a job, and learning work ethics.

7. Nominating students to represent the university and participate in creative forums, training courses, workshops, meetings, youth camps and conferences on the local, Arab and international level.


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