International Students Section

The Hashemite University, represented by the Deanship of Student Affairs, pays great attention to its sons and daughters among the expatriate students, which will contribute to the process of attracting the largest possible number of students to help spread the cultures and customs of their countries, as well as acquaint them with the culture and customs of Jordan, the incubator, the country of security and safety, to be their second country, after years of The grandfather and the study, they return to their country with their academic degrees, after having learned knowledge at the hands of qualified scholars in our prestigious university.

Accordingly, the Deanship of Student Affairs decided to allocate a special hall for international students, guests of Jordan and the university, as the university hosts (33) Arab and foreign nationalities until the end of the first semester of the academic year 2017/2018, where all the necessary computers and internet service are available for students. And a projection screen, as well as student sessions to take a rest between lectures, and the hall also contributes to increasing acquaintance between students of different nationalities and people of the same country.