Political Development Club

It is an open space for university students of creative and intellectuals based on meaningful and constructive dialogue in proposing many topics related to the Jordanian society and youth issues of their diversity, and it is an opportunity to address and express opinions and ideas within the framework of communication, respect, meaningful interaction and public interest, in line with the initiatives and discussion papers presented by His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein, as foundation of the modern civil state.

1-Demonstrating what was stated in the discussion papers and the noble royal initiatives at promoting good citizenship and the civil state.
2-Preparing students capable of constructive intellectual dialogue.
3-Enhancing communication and interaction between students from different colleges.
4-Promoting a culture of constructive dialogue among university students.
5-Refining and enhancing students' creative talents.
6-Enhancing students’ self-confidence and belonging to what they believe in the service of the country and the public interest.
7-Enhancing the ability to analyze, debate, and defend their opinions, and to be flexible in accepting other opinions.

1. Discussing what is included in the discussion papers and the royal initiatives aimed at promoting good citizenship and the civil state.
2. Holding training courses on developing intellectual dialogue among students.
3. Working on spreading and building constructive intellectual dialogue among students.
4. Introducing students to the importance and role of constructive and meaningful intellectual dialogue in the development of the individual and institutions.
5. Communicating with some national figures to establish a mutual intellectual dialogue with them.
6. Conducting lectures and seminars specialized in training students on meaningful and constructive intellectual and political dialogue
7. Establishing intellectual dialogue among students from different colleges.
8. Establishing training courses that will provide students with the skills and assets of meaningful and constructive intellectual dialogue