Director's Message

-The message of the director
-It is a great honor to welcome you at the site of the Human Resources department through which we are able to answer all your questions about our services that we offer to both the administrative and the academic staff. Since the establishment of the department on 1/7/1995, it has taken care of all the affairs related to the administrative and the academic staff such as: appointment, promotion, tenure, yearly salary increase, the different types of leaves, and social security. In addition to keeping the files of the employees including all the information and the statistics about them.       
-The department tries to fulfill all the needs of the employees in an equal way in accordance with the regulations and the laws, which focus on the human factor, which is considered the more significant in the productivity inside the university.  
-The department computerized all the information and all the procedures related to it in a way that complies with the developments happening nowadays.       
-The Director  of the Human Resources Department
-Mohammad Ameen Ghazi