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HU Councils Secretariat

Since its establishment in 1992, the Councils Secretariat has been operating as the secretariat of the University's Royal Commission, and as of 1995 it has continued to act as the Secretariat of the Boards of the University and the Board of the Deans.  The HU Council Secretariat has been an independent unit since 1998. It is directly connected with the president of the university, and it undertakes all the duties assigned to it in accordance with the laws, regulations, and instructions of the University and which are consequently overseen and connected by the scope of the work of the major councils of the University and  any of the committees that relate to it as described below:

Board of Trustees

The Board of the University.
Board of Deans.
Appointment and promotion Committee.
The Committee for the Support of Scientific Research


The department is concerned with the main form of implementation of the academic and administrative matters within the work of the boards and committees, particularly in the following areas:

  • Policymaking and upgrading of the services provided by the University in terms of education, training, research and public services.
     Establishing colleges, departments, programs, and majors, merging and canceling them, and creating professorial chairs.
  • Determining the number of students admitted to the various programs offered by the university and determining the amount of the university tuition fees.
  • Approving the employees and faculty members’ appointments, transfer, promotion, scholarships, secondment, leave, holidays, evaluation, and termination of their services.
  • Scholarships for academic degrees and training courses.
    Evaluating course plan projects of various disciplines and academic programs and approve them for placement.

  • Support for scientific research projects that fall within the relevant boards’ authorities.
    Reviewing the proposals and suggestions regarding the university regulations and instructions and approving the instructions that fall within the authorities of the aforementioned boards.


  • Approving development plans and projects, budget, final accounts and financial reports.
  • Accepting gifts, grants, and certification of central bids within the authorities of the aforementioned boards.
    Any other work that falls within the eligibility of the aforementioned boards and committees.