Stratigic Plan

1. With the goal to enrich and strengthen the academic environment by enhancing and deepening integration of disciplines across teaching, research and engagement:

    • build the sustainable applied and fundamental research and teaching capacity, and strengthen the identity of the Faculty
    • support growth in teaching, research and engagement activities and ensure academic and professional growth and well-being of the Faculty;
    • develop collaboration between natural, physical, computational, social and applied sciences, as well as those in other Schools to foster interdisciplinary integration;
    • promote a culture of appreciation for achievements in teaching, research and engagement, and ensure high quality experiences for faculty, staff and students;
    • improve efficiencies in the work of teaching and research staff and encourage more career development through professional development opportunities in areas that are integral to providing the best research and educational environment within the Faculty;

2. With the goal to expose students to stronger programs that integrate active learning opportunities and experiences within and outside the University in preparation for future success:

  • increase (including seeking opportunities through engagement and fundraising) the support for undergraduate and graduate student learning, travel and internships, to ensure that our students receive quality and state-of-the-art training in skills and knowledge to prepare them for future success;
  • increase flexibility in course choice, improve efficiencies in course delivery, and promote interdisciplinarity and experiential learning activities (including research experience, teaching assistance, and community engagement components) to ensure high quality and sustainability of revised and newly developed programs;
  • increase enrolment in our programs through the strategic development of recruitment and retention activities, locally, nationally and internationally;

3. With the goal to enhance research capacity to the benefit of the School, the people of the province, and beyond:

    • improve management of Faculty infrastructure and services to establish, sustain, and grow attractive facilities, laboratories and equipment for teaching and research;
    • seek research projects such as those that build on our areas of strength, foster collaboration across sciences, and promote scientific awareness, environmental education and sustainability in the community through scientifically, socially and environmentally relevant partnerships;

4) With the goal to foster sustainability in the broadest sense:

    • systematically integrate sustainability in teaching, learning and research where appropriate;
    • increase engagement with our Alumni to mentor students in graduate and undergraduate programs, take part in fundraising activities, and have other interactions with the Faculty;
    • promote greater awareness of the work of our programs and research to the general public by connecting more strongly with the community through Faculty visits, participation in special events to showcase the Faculty, and through other events that have been ongoing; and encourage more interaction with the media and with local media partners;
    • aim to shape a sustainable future by bringing meaningful change towards environmental knowledge, awareness and sustainability in the academic and local communities.