Stratigic Plan

Strategic Plan of the College of Arts


The Hashemite University

Faculty of Arts

Strategic plan



First: About the college

The Faculty of Arts is one of the oldest colleges of the university; it was established in 1995, the year the Hashemite University was opened. It was part of the Faculty of Sciences and Arts, then soon separated from it in the academic year 2005/06 to become an independent Faculty since then.

The mission of the Faculty of Arts is summarized in providing knowledge related to languages, humanities and social sciences to students and scholars in various branches of literature, developing this knowledge, and employing it in human life in a way that works to advance and refine it, and move it towards the runways of creativity.

The Faculty includes, in the course of this academic year 2016/2017, the following departments:

1. Department of Arabic Language and Literature.

2. Department of English Language and Literature.

3. Department of Humanities and Social Sciences.

4. Department of Humanitarian Support (it is a service department responsible for coordinating the university's optional and compulsory requirements in the fields of humanities and social sciences).

Second: the academic degrees awarded by the college:

* Bachelor:

The Faculty awards a bachelor’s degree, at the rate of (132) credit hours, in four majors:

1. Arabic Language and Literature.

2. English Language and Literature.

3. International Relations and Strategic Studies proposed by the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences.

4. Literature and cultural studies proposed by the Department of English Language and Literature.


The Department of Arabic Language grants a master's degree in my major:

Linguistics: the path of the message.

Literature and criticism: the path of the message.

And that is (33) credit hours.

 The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences grants a master’s degree in the field of "Peace and Conflict Studies" in cooperation with the United Nations University (Peace). And that is (33) credit hours.


The Department of Arabic Language grants a doctorate degree in the specialty of Arabic Language and Literature in two tracks: (Language and Grammar, Literature and Criticism), the Thesis track, at a rate of 54 credit hours.

The mission of the Faculty is to provide students with the necessary personal, technical, linguistic, literary and scientific skills. To graduate an educated generation who is aware of its heritage and human civilization, and provides the community with its needs of specialists armed with cognitive competencies, technology, life skills and noble values, proud of their cultural identity and their civilizational heritage, looking forward to a better tomorrow able to face challenges and create a prosperous future, and are based on a scientific approach based on scientific research and standards comprehensive quality.

Third: As for the college’s goals, they are:

To be considered a generation with strong personality, strong in character, firm in faith, believing in its national unity, aware of its belonging to its Arab nation with its glorious culture and civilization.

That the Islamic civilization emerges because of its authentic intellectual and human values, making the student a helper for the effect that extends his life with the causes of growth and advancement, thus making his Arab society occupy the rightful place for it among the nations of the world.

Preparing specialized cadres in the fields of human sciences, according to the needs of society and its development requirements, and providing its graduates with scientific knowledge and culture, and the rules for their applications in various fields, which guarantees the graduates the ability to compete in obtaining suitable work after graduation.

Preparing specialists to work in the state’s ministries, institutions and various departments, contributing to national development plans, and providing what the state and society need in terms of studies and research in the field of arts specialties.

Work to spread the Arabic language, the language of the Glorious Qur’an, and establish its foundations and expand research in it.

Teaching the English language as one of the means of education to transfer the thought and culture in the world to our language, and to transmit our authentic heritage to other nations, to define what we have of a glorious past and a bright present, which we hope will be so.

Effective contribution to continuing education and community service programs in cooperation with various work sites.