Objectives of the Faculty of Nursing:

1- Prepare qualified nursing staff capable of meeting the needs of the community at various levels of health care.
2. Foster the concept of belonging to the university and to the community among students by encouraging their participation in various university activities and community service programs.
3. Provide students with outstanding scientific skills and competencies in nursing through training opportunities in cooperation with government and private hospitals and health centers in the Kingdom.
4. Prepare competent faculty with scientific and practical experience. 
5. Encourage conduction of scientific research among faculty and students for the service of the local community and the Arab world.
6. Develop curricula and teaching programs to keep up with the latest developments in scientific and technological knowledge in the world.
7. Adopt the problem-solving approach to the teaching and training process, in cooperation with the College of Nursing at the University of Glasgow/Caledonian, UK, through a special agreement between the two colleges on nursing and reproductive health, with the support of the British Cultural Center.
8. Motivate students' creative thinking and promoting their participation in symposia, conferences, courses, and scientific research.
9. Activate the role of different academic committees in the interest of the faculty, students and faculty members.
10. Activate and foster the efficiency of the administrative body in line with the latest developments and the needs of the faculty.
11. Conclude agreements and constructive projects with various universities, institutes and scientific centers including the agreement with the Royal Ministry of Health and Medical Services for the purpose of training students 
12. Increase the number of qualified scientific staff in the college to match the number of students