Vision and Mission

Our vision 

 To drive and promote faculty excellence in collaboration with the academic community.

Our mission 

An expert team  provides high quality support to ensure the quality and standards of academic programs in various disciplines, improves the global ranking of the university and expands the cooperation and partnerships with international universities.

Our values

Reliability: each and every member of our team is eager to prove exceptional performance day after day under all circumstances.

Teamwork: we work cohesively towards achieving the deanship goals, creating a positive working atmosphere, and supporting each other to combine individual strength to enhance team performance. 

Transparency: we believe that communicating openly and honestly within a team and sharing knowledge, where information can flow spontaneously, is the road ahead to success.

Diversity: we believe in the combined variety of skills, experiences, ideas, thoughts, abilities, and perspectives that each member can bring to the team.

Creativity: we believe in the creation, development, evaluation, and promotion of novel ideas in groups.

Excellence: we encourage each other to carry out duties extremely well and meet standards of expectation.