International relations

Department of International Relations


This department works on familiarizing the university students with the jobmarket outside Jordan,  providing them with the necessary information about the potential jobs which match their majors, and advising them to apply for availble jobs prior to or after their graduation.  Department of International Relations acts as a source to communicate and share awareness, initiatives and opportunities by collecting and publishing information about the job opportunities available outside Jordan. Department of International Relations also  observes and suports the progress and success of international students.


  • Increasing opportunities of international teaching and research experience for graduate students.
  • Expanding international research and other collaborative opportunities for faculty memembers. 
  • Increaseing and diversifying the number of international graduate students.


  • Share information about international outreach activities and opportunities.
  • Share best practices and new strategies for international outreach and employment.
  • Participate in international outreach and recruitment activities.