Welcome to the Faculty


Faculty Committees


Scientific Research Committee 

Prof.  Yazeed Alshoraty                         Head

Prof. Akram Albasheer               Member

Prof. Ahmad Al Elwan               Member

Prof. Hind Hamouri             Member

Prof. Salah Heilat                Member

Higher Education Committee 
Dr. Saed Sabah                         Head

Prof. Akram Albasheer               Member

Prof. Mahmoud Jaradat               Member

Prof. Mohammad Jawarneh       Member

Dr Thaer Alghbari                     Member
Dr. Zuhair Alzubi                        Member
Dr Motasim Okour                     Member

Academic Accreditation and Quality Assurance Committee

Dr Mohammad Alkhateeb  Head


Dr. Saed Sabah

Dr. Suad Ghaith

Dr. Zohair AlZubi

Library Committee 
Dr. Rana Smadi                                    Head

Dr. Mohammad Aboud                             Member

Dr. Nadir Alzyoud                            Member

Dr. Saleem Ayish                             Member

3.Curriculum and Credit Transfer Committee 
Dr. Saed Sabah       Head

Dr Thaer Alghbari

Prof. Mohammad Jawarneh

Dr. Zohair AlZubi

Dr Ahmad Mahasneh

Students' penalty Committe 
Dr. Suad Ghaith                            Head
Dr. Faten Mhydat                                         
Dr Omar Batayneh                                       

Examination Committe

Prof. Sahail. M. M. Asassfeh   Head


Dr. Zohair AlZubi

Dr Thaer Alghbari


Educational resourses and computerization  
Dr Atef Abuhmaid   Head

Dr Omar Batayneh

Dr Ahmad Mahasneh

Student Affairs and Academic Advising Committee 

Dr. Saed Sabah  - Graduate  

Dr. Suad Ghaith - Undergraduate 

All faculty members

Projects, scientific tasks and conferences Committee

Dr. Saed Sabah   Head

Prof Yazeed Alshurati

Dr Jalal Damrah

Dr Subhi Alsharqawi

Dr Rana Smadi

Social Committee
Dr Thaer Alghbari    Head

Dr Subhi Alsharqawi

Dr Mohammad Jawarneh
Lina Zakarya

Practicum Committee

Dr. Fawaz Harahsheh   Head

Dr Mohammad Alkhateeb

Dr  Bassam Alharbi

Dr Awad Tarawneh