Sports Activities Department

Creating a model university environment by integrating university students into recreational sports activities aimed at maintaining a healthy lifestyle, extracurricular activities, as well as representing the university in sports forums.

Encouraging university students to engage in appropriate sports activities aimed at promoting their health and overall well-being, while also fostering the creation of sports teams to proudly represent the university in various local, Arab, and international sports competitions. Additionally, facilitating involvement in scouting initiatives, youth programs, camps, and the esteemed Prince Hasan Award for Youth programs.

Department Objectives:
1.    Developing and refining students' personalities physically, mentally, and socially.
2.    Promoting sports awareness and encouraging student participation in sports activities to support their holistic well-being.
3.    Enhancing the performance of student representatives of sports teams through tailored, consistent training regimes.
4.    Organizing recreational sports competitions among university colleges to foster a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition.
5.    Collaborating with the local community through dedicated programs aimed at mutual service and engagement.
6.    Partnering with youth institutions to host sports courses, events, and other relevant activities for comprehensive youth development.
7.    Implementing scouting programs within the university to cultivate scouting skills through camps and gatherings.
8.    Offering university students opportunities to join scout units and participate in scouting events at local, Arab, and international levels.
9.    Hosting specialized sports seminars to raise awareness about the significance of active involvement in sports activities.
10.    Participating in sports training courses to enhance the skills and expertise of university trainers.
11.    Organizing sports and scouting events as part of official celebrations during national and religious occasions to promote unity and celebration within the university commu

Activities and Events Supervised by the Department of Sports Activities:
1.    Training sports teams across multiple disciplines.
2.    Engaging in sports tournaments organized by the Jordanian Universities Sports Federation.
3.    Hosting both intra-university sports tournaments and friendly matches, both on and off-campus.
4.    Organizing specialized scout camps catered to scout unit members.
5.    Offering sports training, refereeing, and specialized scouting courses for skill enhancement.
6.    Participating in the coordination of university graduation ceremonies to ensure smooth proceedings.
7.    Providing support in welcoming and orienting new students to campus life.
8.    Overseeing the admission process for students aiming for the sports excellence list, including application reception, practical assessments, and result declaration.
9.    Developing programs for university involvement in national and religious celebrations, in collaboration with the Deanship of Student Affairs.

The department includes the following division    
1.    Sports Supervision and Teams Division
The Sports Supervision and Teams Division holds full responsibility for overseeing sports activities, teams, events, and competitions both on and off-campus. Staff members diligently supervise these events, guiding university teams as they compete in both formal and informal tournaments, alongside managing extracurricular engagements. They offer invaluable support, resources, and mentorship to foster team growth, while also handling the intricate scheduling and logistical aspects for university sports teams. Additionally, the division meticulously crafts semester and annual plans for sports activities, ensuring widespread dissemination among students. Its overarching goal is to bolster the university's engagement with various communities, youth organizations, educational bodies, and sports institutions through these initiatives. Moreover, it hosts sports seminars aimed at enhancing coaching efficiency, benefiting both sports supervisors and the local community. Furthermore, the division extends its services to sports institutions, clubs, and centers across provinces. Notably, it oversees numerous activities during national holidays and official celebrations, further solidifying the university's presence within the broader community.

Sports teams

Responsibilities and activities 
•    Developing sports training plans for university sports teams in collaboration with relevant supervisors and coaches, ensuring their effective implementation.
•    Creating plans for extracurricular activities open to all students, aiming for maximum participation.
•    Administering level tests for university sports teams and strategizing for their continual improvement.
•    Monitoring students enrolled in the sports excellence system to ensure their regular participation in training sessions and competitions.
•    Coordinating sports meetings and overseeing the organization of sports courses across colleges and departments.
•    Supervising the sports excellence tests conducted at the beginning of each academic year to admit outstanding students, with a total of (35) male and female participants.
•    Arranging both internal and external sports tournaments across various disciplines.
•    Arranging transportation and necessary provisions for sports teams during their off-campus engagements.
•    Maintaining comprehensive records of sports teams, championships, official competitions, friendly matches, and tournament outcomes.
•    Organizing sports tournaments specifically tailored for university colleges.
•    Hosting training camps for sports teams to adequately prepare for upcoming official championships.
•    Overseeing the implementation of sports activity programs within the Prince Hasan Youth Award initiative for participating students.

2.    Sports Facilities and Infrastructure Division
The Sports Facilities and Infrastructure Division is responsible for providing reservations for sports fields belonging to the Department of Sports Activities for students, clubs, and local community institutions and continuously monitoring the maintenance of all indoor and outdoor sports halls and facilities.

Sports Facilities

Responsibilities and activities 
•    Creating schedules for hall occupancy based on exercises specified by the supervision section.
•    Ensuring ongoing monitoring of maintenance for all aspects of the sports building.
•    Arranging and preparing halls and sports facilities for training university teams across various sports.
•    Facilitating reservations for halls and accompanying fields for use by students, clubs, and national institutions.

3.    Scouts, Mobile Units, and Camps Division 
The Scouts, Mobile Units, and Camps Division were established in 2005 within the Department of Sports Activities at the Student Affairs Deanship at Hashemite University. This division comprises exceptional university students from diverse fields (Hashemite University Scout Troop), intending to invigorate the involvement of university youth in scouting and volunteerism, as well as integrating them into extracurricular activities. 

Responsibilities and activities 
•    Developing an annual work plan for organizing student camps, including voluntary work camps, recreational camps, training camps, and Prince Hasan Youth Award camps, along with youth dialogue camps for students from Jordanian universities.
•    Forming the Scout Troop from university students, organizing scouting competitions for the scout stage in community service and development areas, as well as foot exploratory trips.
•    Organizing work camps within the university campus and beyond to contribute to serving, developing, and enhancing the community.
•    Supervising the Gold Level of the Prince Hasan Youth Award program, managing student enrollment, developing training and follow-up plans for each student, and appointing supervisors and program followers.
•    Overseeing the Sableh (Prince Hasan Youth Award) programs and facilitating the enrollment of university students to participate in the program.
•    Establishing a multi-purpose training camp for university students through voluntary work camps.
•    Arranging scouting training courses for university students to prepare scout leaders, equipping students for future scouting leadership roles.
•    Hosting scout gatherings for the scout stage and student camps at both local and Arab levels.
•    Participating in various voluntary activities to serve both the university and the local community.
•    Joining national celebrations organized by the university.


Students can practice their favorite sports in the following team and individual games:
1. Football         2. Basketball         3. Handball         4. Volleyball
5. Table Tennis     6. Badminton        7. Tennis        8. Squash
9. Karate         10. Taekwondo     11. Chess         12. Track and Field (Running, Jumping, Throwing).


Sports Facilities:
1.    Multi-purpose Sports Hall (Handball, Volleyball, Basketball, Five-a-side Football).
2.    Self-Defense Hall (Karate, Taekwondo).
3.    Badminton Hall.
4.    Squash Court.
5.    Table Tennis Hall.
6.    Outdoor East Courts (2 Tennis Courts, Five-a-side Football Field, Beach Volleyball Court).
7.    Outdoor West Courts (Track and Field)


•    Director of the Department of Sports Activities.
•    Head of Sports Supervision and Teams Division.
•    Head of Sports Facilities and Infrastructure Division.
•    Head of Scouts, Mobile Units, and Camps division.
•    Sports Supervisor (2).
•    Lifeguard (1).
•    Scout Supervisor (1).
•    Taekwondo Coach (1).
•    Field Monitors (4).