Training Instructions

When registering in Field training, use the following guideline:
• It is the responsibility of the student to find an organization for training. Thus, it is preferable not to register in the training course until you find one.
• Training should be in an IT organization, or in the IT department of any other organization.
• Training is not allowed until the student passes 90 credit hours successfully.
• Training period should be 40 hours per week among an interval of 8 weeks on regular semesters and 6 weeks on summer semester. 
• Field training can be equated with one of the attached international certificates. Where the student can register the training course with other courses and do the accreditation during the first 8 weeks of the regular semester and during the first 4 weeks of the summer semester.

Field training process:
• Get a formal application from the department\academic supervisor to facilitate training.
• Get a formal approval from the training company and provide the department\academic supervisor with it.
• During training, the academic supervisor will communicate with the direct trainer in the organization to follow up the training process.
• At the end of the semester, provide the academic supervisor with the following:
o Detailed report from the student about the training objectives and activities.
o Dedicated evaluation form filled and signed by the direct training supervisor.
o Both reports should be sent to the academic supervisor.