The Faculty aims at:

  • Preparing a faithful generation of students who strongly believe in the values of patriotism and open-mindedness, students who are fully aware of their connection to the Arab nation and its glorious culture and civilization.
  • Preparing specialists in literary, human, and social sciences in light of the needs and requirements of the society.
  • Providing graduates with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to find suitable work.
  • Preparing specialists in the various fields of humanities in order to investigate research projects that serve the community.
  • Preserving the Arabic language, the language of the Holy Quran, and carrying out the relevant research proposals.
  • Developing English language teaching to match international standards.
  • Participating effectively in continuing education and community service programs to develop scientific and practical knowledge throughout various projects.
  • Promoting the concepts of communication and training students to skillfully possess the tools of communication.
  • Consolidating scientific research and postgraduate studies in the fields of arts and humanities.
  • Preparing as many e-learning courses as possible in collaboration with the Center of Information, Communication, and E-Learning Technology in order to meet the demands of distance learning.
  • Expanding the community service programs under the scope of humanities and social sciences.
  • Establishing new programs in the BA, MA, and PhD level, like BA program in History, Philosophy, and Chinese Language, and an MA and PhD program in Translation and Chinese Language and Literature.
  • Expanding the work of the newly established Discourse Analysis Lab and organizing monthly activities related to discourse analysis.
  • Expanding the work of the Journal of Chinese Studies and establishing other similar journals in collaboration with other outstanding universities in Jordan and all over the world.